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Ads and web content Working jointly to run successful Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
Love to depend on our own unique organic content marketing plans to retain and create new customers, but the reality is that even though we may rank well for one or two keywords and have a once in a while popular social media post, that will not be enough for guarantee success.
In order to be successful, you have to supplement your organic content marketing goals with pay-per-click campaigns. But simply giving away money at ads is not enough.
Whatever you do to bring users to your site, organically or through ad spend, one fundamental fact stays: Amazing content is needed to engage and keep — audiences revisiting. Content alone will not be able to bring results.
Think of it this way, if your ads are nice, but your web content is not good, you’ll have users visiting your site, but never closing a sale. And vice versa, if your web content is awesome, but your ads are horrible, customers are most likely not able to find web content in the first place.

Follow these steps to develop relevant ad copy

Ads should have top keywords in the copy of your ads. It’s a no-brainer, yet we forget the small things when we stress out about making sure that everything is just perfect for our PPC campaigns.Remember to think about, what problems you are trying to over come.Clever writing is cool — but functional writing is essential.
Make sure your ad tells the audience “What’s in it for me?” question. Focus on the benefits the audience will gain.Highlight how your business is different form all the rest in the field. Google says that if you offer free shipping or a wide variety, you should let your customers know these facts in your ad text.Experiment with your ad copy. Then test, test, test. Consider creating a few different versions of an ad to see what gets your audience to
click. Humor? Statistics? Questions? Try them all. Then analyze, learn and adjust.
Be professional in the ad copy you develop. This means you should have a copy editor review it for style, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, unacceptable spacing and more. Both consumers and Google will ding you for bad grammar in your PPC ads.

Landing pages need to have quality content.

Ensure you have multiple strong calls to action included on the landing page. Give your readers several opportunities to act or learn more.Consider including testimonials from real people. Just make sure the testimonials are authentic, helpful and relevant. Otherwise, they could have an adverse effect.
Use the headline to emphasize the benefit. In most instances, the headline should play off of the ad copy on which the user just clicked. For example, if your ad copy says, “Find a large selection of blue jeans for boys,” your best bet for a landing page should be “Blue Jeans for Boys” instead of just “Jeans.”
Include videos,people like to watch videos than read, but a video on a landing page actually have the potential to increase conversions by as much as eighty percent.

Optimize your Landing page.

What you put on landing page is key, but how you include it is as important. Optimize your landing page in the following ways:
Create keyword-rich URLs. When the URL shows in an ad, users (and
Google) will scan for keywords that speak to what the ad copy is about. Keep in mind that the display URL in your ad is customizable — so you can include a keyword in the display ad even if it is not in your destination URL — but if you already have the keyword in your landing page URL, that’s even better.
Make sure the landing pages to which you are pointing are related to your ad copy. Relevancy is highly important when Google determines ad quality scores. If people click on your ad content, but then are led to a landing page that doesn’t include the same keywords and topics, your chance of Google continuing to send audiences your way will significantly decrease.
Make your landing pages easy to consume use bullet points, subheads and short paragraphs. These items will make your landing page more easy to navigate.


From Google’s view point, domain authority is like your website’s reputation as a thought leader, and it depends on three general factors: size, age and popularity.These three factors determine how well your domain might to rank when
a search engine pulls it up among others. Even though SEO might seem hard to understand, checking your website’s domain authority is very easy. There many ways and different tools you can use to check this, including the MozBar (a free SEO toolbar), or Open Site Explorer.

How to figure out your domain authority score.

Improving and figuring out your domain authority score is easy if you use the correct tools. There are a number of options available today to help you do just that. But first, let’s explain a little bit about the formula behind how domain authority is calculated and scored.
Domain authority is scored on a scale of 1 to 100 (1 being the worst, 100 being the best) using an algorithm. This algorithm was designed by an SEO tool, such as Moz. The 1-100 scale determines how easy or hard it is to improve domain authority.
If your domain authority is at a 20 or a 30, then this would be more difficult to improve than if it was at a 70 or 80.
All in all, domain authority between 40 and 50 is considered average, between 50 and 60 is considered “good” and 60+ is considered “excellent.”













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Huge or little, businesses that win at SEO draw large benefits. SEO is technical, but it is not an exact science, and it takes time to show results.
Therefore, you are putting your trust in an SEO partner. Here’s what you should consider when picking your search agency.
People should be the focus. A good SEO agency of course know the technical stuff, but ultimately people, not bots, do business with you. Your search marketing team should care about the customers.



SEO changes are fast. There are new challenges around the corner all the time, from algorithm changes to the sound of voice. An agency that hasn’t adapted their approach in years is out of touch. Evolving is key to a great SEO agency.
Clear communication is vital . Google’s algorithm is hard to understand. SEO decisions weigh pros and cons. So it’s highly important that your SEO partner can clearly communicate their recommendations for your action plan.
US Axis can help you identify the keywords your clients/customers are using to search for businesses similar to yours, optimize your website for those keywords,monitor your SEO success pattern, and make regular tweaks and adjustments to your strategy. These tactical steps can have a concrete, measurable impact on your placement in the search engines.

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