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What is a logo and how to design one?

Logos are the visual identity of a company. A symbol that stands for something to its consumers. It’s a mix of imagery like an icon, image, symbol, etc… and text. A logo has two main purposes — first it gives a company an identity, second it let’s people know what a company is all about. A logo can be very straight forward and simple or complex. The main purpose of the logo is to have meaning. A professional logo design by US Axis can help create a connection between companies and consumers. It is a tool for you to engage the correct audience and increase brand loyalty. US Axis’s creative team can build your brand identity without breaking your bank. You can obtain a perfect logo using our custom logo design services, a logo that will be unique just like your business.

Why your business Needs a professional Logo Design?

Logos give company’s brand identity, hence they are like building blocks. Using your logo on different areas of your business like printed materials, website, packaging, social media and more, your brand gets attention and starts standing out. A great logo gives you an identity that lets your brand not blend in with the others, setting you apart from the rest. At US Axis, we realize that every business has certain requirements. So, we go out of our way to help you get a custom logo at an unbeatable price.

What if I wanted to use my own image in the design of the logo?

You can provide US axis with the design you wish to use in your logo. The image would then be used by the US Axis logo design team. You may include step by step instructions if you want it done a certain way. We would gladly try to accommodate your personal preferences.

What colors and fonts to use in my logo design?

When designing a logo, one of the most important decisions one has to make is the choice of a brand’s colors. Choosing the correct combination may assist in establish an identity that can visually communicate the feeling your company is emitting to consumers. Even the font used in a logo represents the personality and the values of your business. It is the most vital element of logo design, which reflects your brand image. Choose the fonts that would fit your brand and set it apart. Serifs, hand lettering and custom fonts can help you out as well. If fell overwhelmed by hundreds of fonts available on the web, don’t worry. We can help you choose the font from a list of top 50 logo fonts that you should consider. Keep in mind that, color and fonts are two key aspects of a logo’s success or failure. Refer to the color wheel and consider color psychology( how color impacts people) to choose the correct color for your logo design.

What type of logo is a good company logo?

A good company logo is the one that communicates your brand values. Letting the audience know the product or service is good, and making a lasting impression on them that keep you on their minds. Hire US Axis logo design team to design a logo that includes these features. US Axis will will suggest the type of logo you need and its elements like fonts, colors, and shapes.

Do I need to prepare something for my logo design?

Ideas! If you have an idea as to how the logo of your company should look like. And explain about your logo design needs, the better design you are likely to get. The more info you provide us of what you are trying to achieve the more likely we can create your dream logo.













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US Axis Helps you Personalize your brand Customers want a relationship with people, not products. If they can relate to your brand in a more personalized way, they are more likely to trust it. US Axis will help you to build authentic relationships with customers rather than just trying to sell to them. Give them the personalized experience they are looking to go through.
Storytelling is an essential part of branding. Let US Axis setup the story line so you can be as unique and as different as you like while still being as relatable as your next door neighbor.



Let US Axis make you the Hero!
US Axis will give you need the brand personality you want to project. What makes your voice unique? Your customers need to see a human being behind the brand. They want to feel a human connection. Another way to make people see the human side of your company is to take people behind the scenes. US Axis can help you share employee stories on social media – exposing an unseen side of the company.

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