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What Is Digital PR?

PR has changed hugely;media relations and doing press releases like it used to be a decade ago.
Digital PR is all about mixing traditional PR with content marketing, social media and search: changing static news into active bypassing media to speak to your target audience online directly.
News can be spread everywhere, faster, and directly to a certain target audience than ever before. It allows us to maximize the scoop to another level. Instead of being satisfied with a single source, your news can be shared exponentially.
We can now use social media, blogs, reviews and content to not just share news, but CREATE A DIALOGUE. Connect. SELL!

PR Pro

As a PR pro, one way to mix content marketing into your repurpose content you already have (press releases & bylines) into fresh content. A single press release can be re-purposed into a Slideshare presentation, a blog post, a guest blog post, a Pinterest infographic, a LinkedIn news update, a post on a relevant trade publications Facebook page, an editorial opinion article for the local newspaper’s website and more.
Re-purpose, share again – and repeat process a few more times! One piece of content can flow out to multiple places.
Put your press release on the wire, turn it into a blog post that connects the news to an gain viewpoints; use it as the launchpad to talk about various subjects or dive into a juicy Q&A. Come up with ways to take an offline PR campaign to social media and the other way around.

PR Cross-Promotion

No days PR Content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, customer service – all of these things are blended. If you do not know the fundamentals, there is no time like the present to get to it.
Once you have your content take it even a step further of digital PR: SEO. This particular function should not belong to the IT , or the web programmer – it’s a marketing function that should cross into all PR activity.

Mix it up!

Combine search keywords to expose your news, that are looking for similar content. Keyword research to drive trends press releases, byline articles and blog posts, and learn how to integrate keywords into each piece of writing for maximum impact to gain the most hits.
Share on social media like crazy! The third piece of the content/search/social.Learn how to build Twitter lists so you monitor journalists on Twitter.
The whole purpose of Digital PR is to create relationships with the public. Social media has impacted brand visibility for at least the last five years like a tsunami. Make the most of this and share your content.

Website Backlinks & Improved Search Rankings

Undertaking PR digital roles, such as looking into industry-specific publications, and getting a link back to your website from them will have a good effect on your web positioning, as Google’s algorithms will see the publication as a ‘trustworthy’ source. Many ‘traditional’ PR agencies don’t get this trick, as they miss and try to secure a link back to their clients’ website, as they are not digital marketing specialists, and they underestimate the value of the link.

Digital PR is here to stay folks!

More and more companies are taking advantage of the over lapping between SEO and PR. What makes Digital PR so different from regular PR? And how can you make a success of it?
Digital PR is the art of placing a press article, while earning a link back from the publication to your site. This is of course different from traditional PR, where maximizing brand awareness and placing the brand front and center of an audience’s mind is key.
Traditional press, you focus more on the reach of a piece, or unique monthly views. Digital PR, allows many clients to use the number of links as a core metric for how they are doing.













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PR for a changing digital landscape
Awesome PR can portray your business to create affection for your brand. But in a loud and more than often crazy digital world, the old ways just don;t and won;t work like they use to.
Today, PR is still story- telling, but the way the story is told is constantly evolving with the changing climate and innovations of digital world. Success allows engagement and connectivity, but those that can’t meet audience expectations risk losing them all together.



As awesome storytellers, US Axis approaches digital PR with a deep understanding of the online world and an eye for consumer trends. We add research, a focus on the bottom line, and an excitement for creativity, luring content, to come up with PR that will finally work.

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